Citizen Care Kids Play School

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To Learn through
To Unleash Creativity
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To be Independent
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To Apply
Knowledge in Life

Citizen Care Kids Play School

Citizen Care Kids Play School was born with a desire to lay a strong foundation for the budding children. We firmly believe that pre-schooling is a commitment towards the future generation, which is getting ready to shoulder the responsibility of this great nation. With our technology driven initiatives and state-of- the-art infrastructure, we have been able to quickly spread our footprints and establish ourselves as a highly reputed name in the education sector in a short span of time. We are expected to maintain the highest standards and meet great expectations. Therefore, the deliverables are high. We are also proud of the efforts of our highly skilled educationists and our on-ground staff, who have joined us in our never-ending and enlightening journey to promote children's social, intellectual and physical development through the play-way pedagogy, thus preparing them for a smooth transition from pre school to school.