Citizen Care Class

“Instead of a national curriculum for education, what is really needed is an individual curriculum for every child.”
- Charles Handy -

  • Curriculum designed & awarded by leading Global Educational Experts
  • A learning program catering to all kinds of child personalities
  • Not a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • 575+ unique multidisciplinary experiences for every child
  • 16 key-skills for Physical, Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Linguistic & Holistic development
  • A child-centric approach to foster
    • Independent Thinking
    • Conceptual Understanding
    • Creative Learning

According to Massachusetts Early Education for All, “85% of who you are – your intellect, your personality, your social skills – is developed before your turn 7.” Indeed, experiences and interactions during the age of 2-16 largely determine the overall development of a child for a lifetime. As such, am enriching and positive experience - not just in school but also at home - becomes crucial between the age of 3-7 years. However, contemporary households are too busy and may lack meaningful & creative engagement opportunities at home; consequently, children often resort to smartphones and other devices to engage themselves.
Designed by early child development experts, activity developers and experiential learning leaders, we bring to you a careful selection of contents in our curriculum, covering numerous development areas including fine motor, cognitive and gross motor, creativity, exploration, language, and social skills. Children following our curriculum don’t need supplementary fun learning kits sold at high prices in the market.

We offer :

  • Day-wise Activity based Learning. Theme-based 60 activities per month, with scheduled daily activities, designed as per the developmental milestones of the age groups to instill curiosity in children and engage them in a meaningful way.
  • An amicable environment to foster a child’s development, making them independent thinkers and problem-solvers.
  • A two-way process of teaching and learning to motivate every child to learn, try, try, and succeed.
  • Customized approach with a combination of audio, visual and kinesthetics mode.
  • Abundant opportunity for parental Involvement in the grooming and holistic development of children.

Our activities and methodology are inspired by Waldorf, John Dewey, Multiple Intelligence & Play way system of education. We encourage scaffolded learning with an "I do, We do, You do" approach conforming to European safety standards.