General Questions

The concept of school and preschool education consists of 4 programs of development and training in our academy.

For Parents

Citizen Care Kids Playschool offers various well-defined and age-appropriate programs – Playgroup, Nursery, LKG, UKG along with various Enrichment programs for the overall development of children.
Citizen Care Kids Playschool aims to nurture the uniqueness of every child. Our curriculum and activites are a combination of the most proven and successsful teaching and learning methodolgies of the world.
In Citizen Care Kids Playschool, the maximum number of children in a classroom is limited to 20. To ensure optimum classroom learning, an adult-child ratio of 1:10 is maintained.
Citizen Care Kids Playschool does not believe in the traditional assessment system. We don’t assess them based on a single yardstick because of our belief that every child is unique and has an infinite potential. We strive towards helping every child discover their unique potential through round-the-year observation, and a continuous and cumulative process to understand their strengths and weaknesses and nurture them accordingly.
As we have pan India presence, we have a very easy and smooth transfer policy. Wherein a child can take transfer from one Citizen Care Kids Playschool center to another Citizen Care Kids Playschool center. To make it convenient for parents, our transfer policy requires the existing Citizen Care Kids Playschool to refund the fees for the months not completed, but not the annual fees. The parent will be required to pay tuition fee as applicable for the remaining months at the relocated Citizen Care Kids Playschool.
We believe in the RTE and support the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan - a government of India initiative. Therefore, we don’t have a selection process as such. We may just have a discussion with the child along with the parents though.
The timings differ from centre to center. For further details, please visit your nearest Citizen Care Kids Playschool center.
For details, please visit your nearest Citizen Care Kids Playschool center.
Please visit Admissions. For further details, please visit your nearest Citizen Care Kids Playschool center.

For Franchisees

Passion to drive a business and a reputed brand. Commitment to education of preschoolers and facilitating an environment to nurture them.
To name a few, brands like Gasen, Sentosa, Bright Methods, Cafe Noir.
Yes, you can. We have different packages in the ranges of 3.99 Lacs, 4.99 Lacs, 5.99 Lacs and 11.99 Lacs. You can choose as per your convenience.
It depends on the package you’re opting for.
Minimum 2000 Sq Ft, which can be on the ground floor, or spread over the ground and first floors.
No, you can either own or rent it. For a rented property, a minimum of 3 year lease agreement is mandatory.
We will drive enrolments and bear the cost for mass media marketing initiatives and Franchisees need to invest in local marketing. For local marketing drives, we will provide designs of marketing collaterals and plan. We will provide counselor training to help improve the conversions.
A maximum period of 13 months.
In Citizen Care Kids Playschool, we maintain an adult-child ratio of 1:10. So, you will recruit accordingly.
You will charge as per the specifications given by Citizen Care, which will be in accordance with your locality and the facilities offered.
It can be a residential area in a posh locality preferably. Anyway, our team will do a pre-contract check of the location. So, you can take your decision to finalize the location based our team’s feedback.

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